For The First Time: The SIA Brat In Bali

It’s 4 days to my Abu Dhabi trip and I still haven’t blogged about my short weekend getaway to Bali. Well, there’s no time like the present so I shall hop to it and share about my trip with you now.

Bali is one of my colleague’s favourite vacation destination. He goes there with his wife for a short break almost every year. After going to Bali, I can understand why. Bali is a good respite to help us get away from the craziness of our industry and work schedule. Anyway, even before I wanted to go to Bali, it had already come highly recommended by my colleague and his wife.

This trip to Bali was really short. I only spent 2 nights there and with just 2 nights, you really don’t get to go to many places. Why only 2 days? Well, I really just wanted a short break between projects to clear my head and get back into the game. You see I had just finished my National Science Challenge project and Mat Yoyo was going to be banging down my door real soon. So all the time I could afford was 3 days, 2 nights. My boyfriend was also running out of leave days and I was hoping not to spend too much since I was going to Abu Dhabi in November.

I’ve also never been to Bali before, so I thought why not? It’s close by (I live in Singapore), it’s inexpensive, it’s comes highly recommended, and I needed to get away from my work stresses for just a while, a place where I could relax. And with Bali, I hit jackpot!

I mean look at the villa we stayed at!

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Booked through Airbnb, I found a nice villa located in Canggu, a quieter part of Bali compared to Kuta and Seminyak.

Most people go to Kuta, Seminyak, or Ubud. Even my colleague who was a regular visitor to Bali had never been to Canggu before, so I didn’t know what to expect to see in the area. It was to be my recce trip to Bali for future references. Well I don’t regret it and even highly recommend Canggu if you like the chill and relax among rice paddy fields type of holiday.

Now 2 days didn’t leave us much time to explore much of Bali but I wasn’t planning on rushing around anyway. Canggu was close to an hour’s drive from Bali’s international airport and the only attraction near the villa we stayed at was Echo Beach. In fact, I was so tempted to just stay in the villa all weekend and do nothing but swim in our private pool that I almost didn’t even go to Echo Beach. And that would have been a shame.

Why? Just look at the awesome views at Echo Beach!

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And I got all that from just a short afternoon visit to Echo Beach! I would have loved to stay longer but we wanted to go back to the villa for an early dinner and pack up as we were flying off the next day. Plus we were tired from our attempt at a cycling expedition of Canggu earlier in the day.

We had rented some bicycles in the hopes of exploring the area more. Even though scooters were the main mode of transportation there, because we both didn’t have a motorcycle license, we got bikes instead. Urm, to anyone planning to go to Bali, if you’re planning to go around on your own, sans taxi or personal driver, rent a scooter if you’re not steady on a bike. Even school girls who weren’t old enough to be able to get a driver’s license in Singapore were riding scooters! Put us to shame really.

We cycled for a total of 50 minutes! Tops! No it wasn’t that we were out of shape, okay maybe it was, but mostly, it was because the roads were narrow and I got scared off the road every time a vehicle or scooter went by me. The villa we stayed at was surrounded by paddy fields and few houses but a short distance out to the main road. And once we got out there, we had a long clear road we could cycle to do a little exploration.

Only problem is, the roads were only big enough for one and a half of a car. Yup! You read it correctly, one and a half. So as much as I tried to stay on the side of the road, I almost always rode myself off the road instead when a car went past me.

After a short while, I gave up trying. Plus, it really was just paddy fields or single story houses all around. But it wasn’t all for nothing. In that short 50 minutes, I saw something that caught my eye!

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“We got cows”
– Twister (1996)

Cows were a common sight in Canggu! Where the taxi dropped us off, there were a number of cows lounging around. The funniest thing was, when we were waiting for our cabbie to come pick us up from Echo Beach, we saw 2 cows walking at the side of the road, heading back to where we last saw them. The cows even knew when not to cross the road and when it was safe to do so! Fascinating!

So I snapped some photos and decided to do a little comic strip using the photographs. Hope you have as much fun reading them as I did creating it.

Heading home...

Heading home…

For a short weekend trip, I got more than I bargained for. In fact, me and the boyfriend enjoyed it so much we plan to join the likes of my colleague in making Bali the destination for our yearly retreat from our hectic urban lives. We are even planning a group holiday to Bali with some friends next year!

Until the next time we find ourselves in Bali, these memories and photographs of Bali will have to suffice.

But… note to self – next time you plan to go to Bali Monica, can the bicycle idea! It’s a wonderful activity to do in Paris and New York City, not so great in Bali unless you manage to get a hold of a good sturdy bike and grow some balls.

What do you think?
Is Bali the perfect holiday destination for a short weekend getaway? Is Canggu on your list of places to visit? What else should I have gone to see in Bali? Do you have a suggestion for my next trip to Bali? 

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    • Thanks! Be sure to check out Tanah Lot when you’re in the Canggu area too! We didn’t have enough time but it’s definitely on our list of places to go when we go back to Bali. =)

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