Entitled To Opinion

“I want to write for the rest of my life.”

And with this statement, I have decided for myself that I will make it an effort to practice, practice, practice.

I have to keep believing that one day, I will reach that goal. My career goal. And this is my practice ground. A place to allow me to flex my creative muscles and writer’s mind.

I enjoy film and television. I grew up watching Hollywood films, American Television series, Taiwanese idol dramas, and local Singapore Television dramas. Music is also something that I enjoy. I love listening to the soundtrack of a series or film. It vividly reminds me of the scenes I love from the film or series. As you can see, the common thread of where my interest lies is in two words – Film and Television. Under a broader umbrella, I’d say that I have an interest in entertainment and leisure.

Entitled to Opinion is a place where I will give my personal opinion and thoughts on everything and anything that strikes my fancy. Anything.

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