Real & Reel

I am a Film and TV buff. In fact, my interest in Film and Television is partly the reason why I love to travel.

When I planned my solo trip to USA I knew which cities I wanted to go to most – New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. New York and Los Angeles is obvious right? It’s where most films and television series are made in the US. I was a BIG fan of CSI: NY so for me New York was a must. Ironically, most of CSI: NY was filmed in Los Angeles. It’s the same for Crime Scene Investigation which is set in Las Vegas. While most of the scenes were filmed in Los Angeles, I had seen the sweeping shot of The Strip so often that I so wanted to go to Vegas to see The Strip for myself. So I did. In 2009.

Why did it take so long to realise I had a whole new category I could create for my blog? Beats me. But when I was watching Pompeii, it clicked. I saw structures and walkways in the film that I had actually seen in real life at the ruins of Pompeii. And thus an idea was born – Real & Reel.

Here are my first 2 Real & Reel entries:

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