Challenge Accepted [A Word A Week – Favourite]

A newly discovered photo challenge! Yay! I can’t exactly remember how I stumbled upon Sue’s A Word A Week challenge but I think it’s interesting. So here we go…

This week the word is ‘favourite’ and she says it’s a chance to showcase our favourite photos. Well, I would prefer to feature a photo from my favourite vacation destination – New York City!

The word favourite is a very tough one. Why on earth would it be difficult!? It should be easy right? Because you’re picking 1 photo that you like the most, and since you like it the most, it should be easy. On the contrary for me, this challenge was really hard. Each image has a special place in my heart because each of them holds a unique and wonderful memory. To choose one out of all is a really hard thing to do. So cut me some slack and allow me this, to choose a favourite photograph of just one landmark, from my favourite vacation destination.


Brooklyn Bridge during the Magic Hour

This is my favourite photograph of the bridge, if you don’t count the ones I took of my friends. Friends always make a photograph extra special. But it’s also a favourite because I love to take angled shots. I love the interesting lines made by the structure, the cables, and wires of the bridge. And I love how the angled shot accentuates the lines and draws your eyes to the centre of the image.

In fact, photographs of the bridge are special also because it almost didn’t happen.

So here’s the story…

After the Singapore Day event in New York City, a few of us stayed an extra week to go around the city. I’ve always wanted to walk the length of the Brooklyn Bridge, it was on my travel bucket list and I sorely wanted to check that off the list since I was in New York City again!

Now in the days leading up to the event held at Prospect Park which is in Brooklyn, we had to travel all the way from our Manhattan hotel to the park. And on the way to work, we would always have an awesome view of the Brooklyn Bridge from afar. So my friends knew how far they had to walk and weren’t too stoked at the idea of walking the entire length of the Brooklyn Bridge, but I managed to convince them to do that with me.

It was awesome! And I’m thankful my friends enjoyed themselves as well. I love the architecture of the bridge and even though some parts of the bridge was boarded up for renovations, I enjoyed the walk nonetheless. We were all having so much fun, we hardly noticed how far we actually walked until after we got back to the Manhattan side of the bridge.

Those were good times indeed. Look out for more tidbits about the trip in the My Week In New York City – April 2012 series.

What do you think?
Is it hard to choose a favourite photograph? What criteria do you have when it comes to choosing a favourite photograph? 

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