Good Bye 2013, Hello 2014: A Year In Review

Happy New Year everyone! It’s a brand new year and most people make New Year resolutions at this time of the year. What are yours?

2013 has been quite an interesting year for me. In 2013, I visited 2 vastly different but equally beautiful and exotic places, Bali and Abu Dhabi. And I was very fortunate to do so with a very special someone.

But even before Bali and Abu Dhabi, I ushered in the new year with the best friend in Athens. So I guess you could say I travelled to 3 places in 2013 – Athens, Bali, and Abu Dhabi. With most years, I would be down at the Marina Bay Floating Platform working so that others may enjoy the Countdown celebrations. This year, I decided I needed a break.

I feel bad for abandoning my colleagues who are my friends and like a second family to me. But, it’s time to spend the New Year with my family and friends who have stuck by me for years.

Last year, I spent a quiet Christmas with the best friend in Santorini. But for the New Year, we went to Athens. I planned it that way because I wanted to be around a bustling city when ushering in the New Year. It was a pleasant surprise as we got to see the wonderful fireworks display from our warm and cosy Airbnb apartment. And got to enjoy the view of the Acropolis and the beautiful fireworks display. These are the better shots I managed to take of the fireworks from the apartment.

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And of course I had to take a short clip or two of the fireworks as well.

After welcoming 2013 in Athens, it was just work, work, work, for me until I met my special someone – the boyfriend. We went to Bali, on our first trip together as a couple in late September and had a blast! Here are some of my favourite photographs from Bali. You can also read about my trip to Bali here.

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Then in November we visited Abu Dhabi.

And Abu Dhabi was awesome! Look out for the detailed post on the trip in the near future. In the meantime, here are some of my favourite photographs from that trip.

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So what does 2014 hold for me with regards to my travel plans?

Well, London and Bali are likely possibilities. But if I could squeeze in another country or two, that would be awesome too!

Someone hire me as a travel writer please!

But… until I get a job as a travel writer, I’ll just have to save up as much as I can while I reminisce and share my past holidays with all of you and continue to be a local tourist.

Here’s wishing you a year filled with joy, laughter, love, and lots of adventures in and out of your home country.

Carpe diem – Seize the day!

What do you think?
How was your 2013 and what is in store for you in 2014? What would be your year in review look like?

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