The SIA Brat Comic Strip: Life In The Grounds Of St Paul

The SIA Brat – In London, England

[St. Paul’s Cathedral]

My last complete project with Mediacorp before I left was Singapore Day 2014 in London. A friend and I stayed on a little longer to attend a film course that was cancelled after we had booked our flights and accommodation.

As we had already made plans to stay on longer, it felt silly to waste it not doing anything. So we decided to explore a bit of London.

One of the things we did was to walk to St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was cold and gloomy. In fact, snow was still sticking to the ground. But we still took the time to look at the facade of the Cathedral and explored the grounds a little.

That’s when I spotted a little furry friend. One of my favourite furry friends in fact – a squirrel.


Yes, yes, this was all in my head. But you never know. It could very well be what this little guy was thinking.

Truth be told, I was thrilled to see him. I had so much fun snapping photographs of his neighbors running around St James’ Park it made spotting him all the more exciting.

Read more about my encounter with St James’ Park’s furry and feathered ones here.

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