Challenge Accepted [Travel Theme: Winter]

Winter is the theme for Alisa’s challenge and it’s a tough one because I live in Singapore. And Singapore doesn’t have four seasons. It’s usually either blistering hot, or horridly wet. I’m lucky because I’m an SIA brat and I have travelled to quite a number of places and have experienced winter, seen snow and actually felt it on my skin and held it in my hands. One of the places I’ve been to during winter is Finland. Of all the winter wonderlands I’ve been to why did I choose to focus on Finland?

Well, because I just finished filming the third season of Mat Yoyo and one of the themes this year is Houses. And when we were teaching children about igloos, I was reminded of the trip to Finland with my family. My mum had wanted to visit Santa Claus Village and see the Northern Lights so one Christmas, my parents booked a tour to Finland and off we went.

It was cold! But it was worth it! I got to see the Aurora Borealis with my own eyes, actually see and enter an igloo, go ice fishing and sit around a campfire in the winter cold eating a yummy traditional Finnish soup called Lohikeitto. It was a trip of many firsts.

So for Alisa’s challenge, I scoured the photographs of my trip to Finland and chose this photograph of a tepee! A tepee is a conical tent, traditionally made of animal skins, and wooden poles. It’s durable and provides warmth and comfort during the cold winters.


My first tepee sighting!

You’re probably wondering why a tepee? Why didn’t I pick a photograph of the lovely Aurora Borealis I was just talking about? Anything else but a tepee and some snow right? Truth is, I thought, since I didn’t really talk about tepees on the show, I should at least feature a tepee here. Not that the children who watch Mat Yoyo would read my blog, but this will help me sleep better tonight.

Yes, once again my silliness and weird mentality shines through. Anyway, I’ll save the other photographs from my Finnish adventure for another post. This is not going to be the last you hear of my trip to Finland.

What do you think?
Have you ever spent a night in a tepee or an igloo before? What was the experience like?

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4 responses to “Challenge Accepted [Travel Theme: Winter]

    • Thanks and you’re very welcome! Glad you enjoyed the post. =P I was deciding between the tepee and the winter moon in front of some swans… and the tepee won! Obviously… Have a Merry Christmas!

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