My Week In London – December 2011

The SIA Brat – In St James’ Park

2 years ago, in 2011, I spent about a week in London. It was the tail end of my 1 month Europe trip so I was pretty shattered by that time. I had done the touristy thing and stood outside the gates of the Buckingham Palace. But pretty soon I was bored. So I left the crowds and walked towards the park near the palace.

There I found myself lost in the beautiful St James’ Park. I had wanted to spend just a while walking through the park, but I ended up staying for hours. In fact, chilling at the park was one of the highlights of my week long trip to London.

My favourite part about the park? The adorable and fearless Grey Squirrels. I sat down and snapped countless photographs of these brave furry ones as other people fed them peanuts. It took me ages to get nice close up photographs as I didn’t have any nuts for them, so they pretty much sniffed me and ran away faster than you can say “Please may I take a picture?”. And they learnt fast too. After one furry little one realised I had nothing to offer them, his or her friends weren’t too keen to try their luck with me and steered clear. Luckily for me, a nice man was kind enough to offer me a handful of peanuts so that it would make me seem more attractive to the squirrels. And it worked!

Here are some of the photographs I managed to capture in the park.

More of My Week In London – December 2011Β is yet to come. So look out for it.

What do you think?
Furry little animals and birds always bring a smile to my face. In fact, I think each country’s cats, dogs, sparrows, ducks, and squirrels all have different kinds of personalities. Which country’s furry animals does it for you? What kind of animals do you like to take photographs of most? Did you have a similar experience in one of the Royal Parks in London as well?

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