Byron Bay Snapped!

Lighthouse at Byron Bay during daybreak

The SIA Brat – In Byron Bay

In the year and a half I was studying in Gold Coast, I didn’t go out much. So every road trip or excursion I did take, I remember vividly.

And this photograph, this brings back lots of memories. Let’s see…

We started the night playing Monopoly at a friend’s house in Ipswich. Then on the way to Byron Bay, we were pulled over by the cops cos my friend who was not drunk (he passed the breathalyser test), was driving in a zig-zag manner. Then realising he had left his wallet in Ipswich, the cops followed us back to Ipswich. When we finally reached Cape Byron Lighthouse, we huddled together in the car, seeking shelter from the bitter cold. We napped for a hour or two then woke up to eat our packed breakfast of tuna sandwiches. We even brushed our teeth in the car. How we rid ourselves of the toothpaste? Urm… please don’t ask.

So despite the fact that we were freezing, we got out of the car and walked towards the lighthouse. It was cold but all that we experienced was worth it. Because we got to watch the sun slowly rise above the horizon, and the view at the Cape Byron Lighthouse was breathtaking! But my favourite takeaway from that trip is this photograph of my friend, enjoying the crisp New South Wales winter at Cape Byron Lighthouse.

What do you think?
Have you ever taken an overnight road trip with your friends before? Do you have an exciting, adventure filled trip to share with us? What made it memorable?

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