Gold Coast Snapped!


Sunrise in Surfer’s Paradise

The SIA Brat – In Gold Coast

Some people prefer sunsets. Others prefer sunrise. I lean towards liking sunsets because I’m typically a night owl, so catching a sunrise takes way too much effort. As such, this rare photograph of a beautiful sunrise is very precious to me. But more than that, it reminds me to slow down and enjoy every moment of my life.

Why? Because…

I studied in Gold Coast Australia for a year and a half in the mid 2000s. And when it was time for me to go back home, I realised that I was going to miss Surfer’s Paradise a lot. I had packed my bags and was ready to leave Australia for good. And 2 weeks before I was scheduled to fly home, I had booked an inexpensive apartment facing the beach at Surfer’s Paradise.

Those 2 weeks were heavenly. I had spent so much time studying I forgot to enjoy much of Gold Coast until it was time to leave. To mark the end of a beautiful and life changing year and a half in Australia, I decide to stay up all night on the beach with a couple of close friends the night before I was set to fly home. This was just so I could catch the sun rising up in the horizon at Surfer’s Paradise.

Thankfully, the weather was cooperative and I managed to capture this beautiful sight and always remember my Gold Coast days.

It was magical. Bitter sweet. But beautiful nonetheless.

What do you think?
Do you prefer sunrise or sunset? Which country in your opinion has the best sunrise and sunsets in the world? If you have an awesome photograph of a sunrise or sunset, do share it with us.

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