For The First Time: The SIA Brat Visits Grotta Azzurra On The Isle of Capri

It was windy and cold. But it didn’t bother me as much because I was just desperately trying to not throw up.


Taken en route to Grotto Azzurra

My mum and I went on an Italy tour in 2011 organised by Chan Brothers. When the Chan Brothers tour guide told us about the option of going to see the Grotto Azzurra also known as the Blue Grotto in Capri, my mum and I jumped at the chance without hesitation. Even though he declared there and then that in order to get to the Blue Grotto, we’d have to take a boat then hop onto a small wooden rowboat to see it.

Actually, I did have some concerns. But my mum told me it’ll be fine.

Was it fine? Well, I didn’t throw up. But I was not doing well on that boat. Photographs can be deceiving so don’t believe everything you see in photographs.

In order to get to the Blue Grotto, we have to take a boat from Sorrento to the Isle of Capri. This was a relatively decent sized boat so I didn’t get sick sea. But it was very windy and cold.

Just when I thought, “that wasn’t so bad”, I was told we had to get on a small speedboat to get to Grotto Azzura! But it was too late to back out now. I had to bite the bullet and pray I don’t throw up.

While the boat was moving, it wasn’t too bad. I focused on everything but the bumpy ride.

But once we stopped outside the grotto, and the speedboat was bobbing up and down vigorously and I started feeling very sick, very fast. So I volunteered to get into the wooden rowboat and enter the grotto first. I wanted to enjoy the beauty of the grotto while I still could.

Now getting into the grotto was tricky. First we had to make our way onto the constantly bobbing and rather unstable rowboat. Then we would park near the entrance of the grotto and take turns to slide into it. The entrance is so small that the guy rowing the boat had to duck to get in and so did we! It takes skill to maneuver into this grotto!

So what’s inside this Blue Grotto that the Isle of Capri is so famous for?

I was so groggy and sick, I couldn't keep my hands steady.

I was so groggy and sick, I couldn’t keep my hands steady.

After I got out, I sat in the boat trying to not throw up while the others from the tour group made their way in and out of the grotto.


We started to head back to the dock. Like FINALLY!

So! Was it worth it? Getting all sea sick to see Grotto Azzurra?

Yes. It truly is quite amazing. I just wish I’m not the sort to get sea sick so I could have better appreciated the natural beauty of the Blue Grotto.

What do you think?
Is Grotto Azzurra on your bucket list? If you, like me, get sea sick easily, would you still make the trip to the grotto like I did? If you’ve been to the grotto before, share with us your own experience of this beautiful Blue Grotto. 

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