Kawachi Nagano Snapped!


The SIA Brat – In Kawachi Nagano

This is my favourite photo I took while on my one month tour of Japan. The reason why it took so long for me to publish it is because I didn’t pay attention to the name of this Temple in Kawachi Nagano, Osaka. I didn’t want to put it out there without first finding out the name of this place.

So I had to actually hunt down this location through the help of the lecturer who organised, and still organises, these Japan tours with home stays.

So apparently, the temple’s is called Kongou-ji and the sect is Shingonshu Omuro-ha. But I’m not sure if that’s even correct. Any one knows for sure?

Anyway, this little frog stands right in the middle of the pathway to the temple. It really fascinated me to no end. I only noticed it when I nearly stomped on it.


Can you spot the frog?

I was brought to this temple by the family I had a home stay with in Kawachi Nagano and when I dropped to the floor to capture this little dude, they were all confounded and tickled. They giggled at my silliness. Well, if you were there you’d laugh too. And if I were an onlooker watching me take this photo of the frog, I’d be laughing at me too.

Still it was worth it. I got the shot.

I got in closer for this one. Which do you prefer? I like the first one more but decided to share this one as well.


I asked the family I was staying with why were these two placed on and on the side of the path to the temple and what I understood from them is that it’s purpose is protect the temple and block the pathway from bad spirits. Apparently, Japanese view frogs and tortoises as symbols of good luck.

The frog has a little tortoise friend at the side of the path too. Sharing the “work load”.


What do you think?
Did you already know the name and location of this temple before reading my post? Have you visited it before? Did you notice the frog and tortoise too? It goes to show that one should always look down and be careful of what your feet treads on. If I got the name of this temple wrong, do let me know. Please also share with everyone how can they visit this quaint little temple.

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