Mischief (NOT) Managed: My Mischievous Sonny Angel

After I was introduced to Sonny Angel by Grace, author of Blogging For A Living and award-winning blogger of Working With Grace, I was hooked on it. I’m a sucker for all things adorable, so it shouldn’t come as a shock to you that I actually went out and got my very own Sonny Angel.

With the help of Grace’s post, I quickly and easily found a shop that sold these cute mini figurines.

This is how it all went down…

Saturday, March 7 – Monica meets her first Sonny Angel, Mr Blowfish.

Sunday, March 8 – Monica buys 2 Sonny Angel figurines. One from the Marine Series, and another from the fourth Animal Series.

Monday, March 9 – Monica gets into weird positions on her bathroom floor and creates her second Sonny Angel comic strip series.

Wednesday, March 11 – Monica pieces them together using the Comic Book! app and voilà…

Collecting a complete Sonny Angel series is a gamble. You see, Sonny Angels come in a ‘blind box’. They are sealed in an opaque packet, then packed in the box. You’ll know what series the Sonny Angel is from, but you’ll have no clue as to which character in that series is actually inside the box. Kinda reminds me of Roulette. Also, I’ve learnt that each series of 12 has a limited edition mystery Sonny Angel that isn’t on the list.

Truth be told, I was going to be happy with either the Skunk, the Japanese Crane, or the Duck. But I had my eye on and heart set on picking the Peacock Sonny Angel.

But things don’t always go your way.

Yup, I opened the first box the minute I walked out of the store and found this little guy instead – the Calico Cat Sonny Angel.

I was just a little bit disappointed. But still, this little guy is pretty adorable. Plus, I’m somewhat of a cat lady. So this is quite a perfect start to my Sonny Angel collection.

In fact, this little guy made me think about the good ‘ol days when my cat Kitchen would walk into plastic bags just to explore inside it or play with anything that struck his fancy. And that’s when the idea for this particular comic strip came to me.

I hope you enjoyed the adventures of my mischievous Calico Cat Sonny Angel. And do look out for my next Sonny Angel comic strip series to find out which Sonny Angel from the Marine Series did I pick.

What do you think?
Did you pick the Calico Cat Sonny Angel as well? What did you do with your Calico Cat? Create your very own Sonny Angel comic strip and share it with us.

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