Say Hello To My Sonny Angel

Sitting in a cafe, attending Working With Grace’s blogging workshop and what are we up to? We get a Sonny Angel each and 30 minutes to create a post. (PS: I took more than 30 minutes. Dang! I need to type and think faster!)

What is a Sonny Angel?

Sonny Angel is a series of adorable little dolls. A little boy with angel wings and an almost-too-huge headgear to be precise. It’s only 74 x 38 x 32 mm, easy to carry around and weighs just 2g!

But what do you do with a Sonny Angel?

Here’s what I did with mine. I created a little comic strip.

When I saw the blowfish headgear on the Sonny Angel doll I was given, it reminded me of the time I actually saw a real pufferfish when I was in Bali!

I used the photos I had taken then to create a comic strip. And so here’s another comic strip for your enjoyment.

I would have actually dunked it into my Real Food Hot Cocoa if not for the fact that the cocoa really tastes very yummy and I didn’t want it to go to waste.

I had a glance through the website and saw soooo many different Sonny Angels to choose from! I was given the Blowfish Sonny Angel though I kinda wish I got the Penguin Sonney Angel. ‘Penguin’ was one of my nicknames after all.

The Blowfish and Penguin Sonny Angel are both from the Marine Series but the figures from the Animal series are awesome too! I’m tempted to buy them all and make a comic strips series featuring these Sonny Angel dolls.

What do you think?
Do you own a Sonny Angel? What do you do with your Sonny Angel? Are there other kinds of dolls you like? Share your fun photos of yourself with your Sonny Angel!

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5 responses to “Say Hello To My Sonny Angel

  1. I’m thanking my lucky stars you did not dunk this special Sonny Angel into the hot cocoa! *phew* Not easy to get this particular one as they are all sold in sealed boxes, usually. šŸ˜€

    • =P *Phew* indeed. Were you worried I would accidentally drop it into the cup of hot cocoa? I know I was worried it’ll slip from my fingers and into the cup.

    • Thank you for trusting me with it. =) I’m gonna start collecting these Sonny Angels now. I want that Penguin Sonny Angel! Stay tuned to more Sonny Angel inspired comic strips. =P

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