The SIA Brat Comic Strip: The Damsel, The Robber, & The Hero

The SIA Brat – In Hong Kong

[Duddell Street]

In September last year, I went to Hong Kong for the first time. It was a short 5 day trip with my “Pitchin Bitches”. The four of us had planned this trip way in advance when Scoot was offering an awesome flight deal to Hong Kong.

We were pretty stressed out by the concept meetings for Spouse for House on top of all the work we were previously assigned. So when Scoot’s flash deal came along, we decided we all needed to just go! And so we did.

Now here’s a sneak peek at what happens when 3 writers and a producer go on a holiday together.

IMG_0377  IMG_0378IMG_0379IMG_0380IMG_0381We’re part of the TV industry, re-enacting a robbery scene on the steps of this very famous staircase shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. But if it does, let me give you some perspective.

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The flight of stairs in the photographs is at Duddell Street near Lan Kwai Fong. Yes, it’s known for the fact that it is where you can find Hong Kong’s last four working gas lamps. In fact, Duddell Street Steps and these four Gas Lamps were declared monuments of Hong Kong.

But before I discovered their historical significance, I was excited about seeing these flight of stairs for very different reasons. You see, this staircase is often used for filming purposes. TVB dramas like Healing Hands (妙手仁心) and Survivor’s Law (律政新人王) filmed at this very staircase. Countless movie and drama fight scenes were filmed there as well, but sadly I can’t remember the titles of the films and dramas. Since many fight scenes were filmed there, we thought it apt that we too acted out a fight scene of our own.

We received a lot of weird stares from passer bys that night. But the outcome was worth it. Plus, when you’re being silly together as friends, it doesn’t seem so silly any more. Courage in numbers perhaps.

Many thanks to my “Pitchin Bitches” who were so patient with me as I took countless photos of them frozen in weird positions playing out a robbery in progress.

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And my dear readers, I hope you all had fun reading this photo comic as we did creating it.

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