The SIA Brat: A Rash Traveller

So why is The SIA Brat a rash traveller?

Here’s the story…

It’s less than 4 hours to boarding time and I’m still running around the mall looking for a luggage to stuff my clothes into. Why so unprepared? Probably because I always leave the packing to last minute. Not a terrible idea unless all the luggage bags you have at home are either keyless, code less, too banged up or too huge for a 4 night trip.

Now early this morning at about 9 I woke up to pack. I had already done my packing via visualisation and I know exactly what I need to pack and where to find them. Then came the unforeseen, the lack of a luggage! Why did I not get one of the most important things one would need to go on a trip? Well, just see for yourself…

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I ran out when the shops open at 11 and zoomed in on a shop I knew for sure sold luggage bags. There I quickly determined the price, weight, features and brand of the luggage that first caught my eye. It was an American Tourister bag and it was on sale – the price? $161. I was pleased because before I even walked into the shop I had set my maximum price for a medium sized luggage at $200.

Then! I saw a lighter version of the bag I liked. And the salesperson informed me that the model I was looking at now has a limited edition design due for sale the next day. I was still not entirely convinced as it was going to make me go over my budget by $20. But when I saw the limited edition designs, I was immediately hooked!

Think it’s over? Nah… Which design to choose!? Technically it’s one design in two different colours schemes. [insert appropriate swear word of your choice]

I love both designs!!


Sated and Sleek or Bright and Cheerful?

Which would you choose? Which bag do you think I chose?

Anyway after much deliberation, meaning about 10-15 minutes going back and forth between the two bags, I picked one, charged it to my card and rushed home in a cab.

The rush is far from over… I haven’t packed my things into my new luggage! And I needed to get out of the house by 12.45pm latest!

30 mins to 12 noon: I have yet to pack,shower, grab a quick lunch, remember to bring my passport, then get my butt and new luggage off the the airport. Great!

Did I get that all done? Yup. I accomplished all that by 12.40pm. But I only managed to wolf down half an omelette. Well, at least I got to the airport in time to check in and mill around the transit area. The boyfriend even got the chance to shop, and when we walked into Starbucks to buy a drink, we bumped into my ex Starbucks colleague!  Sadly we couldn’t chat much as we were in a hurry but still, what a coincidence!

My life really is full of such serendipitous moments.

Anyway, I’m now sitting in the waiting area about to board the plane to Dubai. I finally get the chance to breath and relax once I hit publish. So wish me bon voyage and till my next post, it’s sayonara for now.

I’ll post some other photos for you to enjoy once I get the chance to. But now I need to switch my iPhone to airplane mode…

* New photos added on 1 November*

Firstly, I apologise for the changes and incomplete post.

Note to self – thumbs too big, when blogging with the iPhone, be patient. And unless necessary, avoid blogging on iPhone where possible. It’s time to get myself an iPad mini!

After the mad rush, it's finally all ready to take it's virgin trip! Here's to many more!

After the mad rush, it’s finally all ready to take it’s virgin trip! Here’s to many more!

Hazard a guess as to which luggage bag did I pick. I’ll post the answer to the question in my post about my trip to Abu Dhabi…

What do you think?
How long does it take you to pack? Are you a last minute packer like me? Do you find yourself making last minute purchases just hours before your trip like me? Are you a rash traveller?

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