Adventures Of A WV Traveller [Alaric Tay – Las Vegas]

While I contemplate where to go for my next Dream Trip adventure, a friend and colleague has kindly agreed to help me with my Dream Trip Adventures series by sharing his own experience with us.

For 3 years now, he and I have been working together on the Did You Know segment for the TV show National Science Challenge. You might know him as Andre Chichak, or Xin Hua Hua, or Nicholas le Fong from The Noose, but to me, he’s Alaric Tay, friend and colleague.

I remember how we first got to talking about traveling; New York City at the Singapore Day event. We were both working and during one of the breaks, I was rambling on and on about how I love to travel and how excited I was to be back in New York City. And that’s when I discovered that he too loves to travel and was a member of the travel club World Ventures. Yes, he’s the person who introduced WV to me, so for that, thank you Alaric! And thanks for sharing your Dream Trip experience on my blog as well!

If you want to get to know Alaric a little better, his episode of School Days airs on 12 November at 9pm on Channel 5 so do catch that, but in the meantime, here’s his post for the Dream Trip Adventures series…

WV Traveller: Alaric Tay
Destination: Las Vegas

When you’re not a WV Traveller you are…
I am a Singaporean film & television actor, best known for comedic performances in The Noose. A husband to my beautiful wife and a father to my adorable (but such a handful) child.

What do you love most about traveling?
The opportunity to experience a different sort of life, environment, culture. Best of all, traveling is educational. Life is an ongoing learning experience and traveling lets us see more, and experience more. Ever growing, ever increasing!

This Dream Trip is your…
My second dreamtrip but my 5th vacation through WV. This was supposed to our Babymoon. I chose this trip because firstly, my wife has never been to Vegas, so I thought it would be a great idea to go on this trip, and secondly, the price was ridiculously crazy!

Where did you stay?
We stayed in a deluxe room at Harrah’s which was a 4-star casino hotel on the main strip. We are in between The Venetian and The Paris. And across the strip from us is The Mirage and The Bellagio, where the iconic Oceans Eleven ginormous musical fountain is situated.

What should we look out for in Las Vegas?
A walk down the strip at night is a treat. It’s cool and the lights are a nice sight and great for photos too. Then again, in Vegas, it doesn’t matter, everything is designed to be photo friendly.

Gordon Ramsey’s “Burgrs” restaurant is located at the ground level of Planet Hollywood Hotel. One of my favourite places to eat when we were there. Gourmet burger like no other! Simply delectable!

Visit the Grand Canyon, if you have the time, it’s an experience to behold. The natural grandeur of the canyon is breathtaking and will bring tears to your eyes if you contemplate its magnificence hard enough.

Share your Dream Trip Adventure with us.

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What’s the most memorable part of this Dream Trip?
Going to the Grand Canyon was something on my wife’s bucket list. We flew in via helicopter and had a champagne brunch INSIDE the Canyon. To see the look on my wife’s face, is pure gold!


Reading about Alaric’s trip and looking at his photographs makes me yearn to go back to Las Vegas! But for now, I’m anxiously waiting for another awesome Las Vegas Dream Trip to come around. They often do. I just hope my crazy work schedule allows to get away. As you know, it’s my second favourite vacation destination, so going back to Vegas is definitely very much on my mind! I’ll get to sharing about my first time in Vegas soon, so do look out for it!

What do you think?
Did you go on a Las Vegas Dream Trip too? What was your Dream Trip like? If you too are a fellow WV traveller, share your experience with us too!

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