Challenge Accepted [Travel Theme: Brown]

I was checking my inbox, going through the hordes of subscription emails I’ve got and stumbled upon Bored Panda’s post on Canadian sculptor Guy-Olivier Deveau‘s work. It’s really very impressive.

But why is this connected to the challenge posted by Alisa from Where’s My Backpack…?

Well, I was going to post about the challenge but off the top of my head, I wasn’t sure if I had a photograph that was mostly brown so I put it aside until I could find one. Then I saw the article about sand sculpting and remembered taking a photograph of a sand sculpture in Australia before. When I finally hunted down the photographs, I realised that while dry sand is more beige than brown, wet sand is brown!  And voila, I’ve got my brown! Okay, okay, I admit it is a stretch, but it’s okay, I had fun trying to make this work anyhow.

Yes, back to sand sculptures.

When I was doing my Masters in Brisbane, one of my closest friends flew over for a visit so I brought her around Queensland. And what’s a trip to Queensland without some sand and beach? And where else does one go for great sand, surf, and beach? Surfer’s Paradise of course. But to be honest, it’s mostly because it’s sorta my turf and I’m comfortable going around Gold Coast. And you know from my earlier post Gold Coast Snapped! that Surfer’s Paradise holds a special place in my heart.

Anyhow, the reason why her trip is connected to sand sculpting is because we actually managed to catch a sand sculptor at work! I had planned to bring my friend to Hog’s Breath at Surfer’s Paradise for some grub and since our apartment was along the beach, we had to walk to the main entrance to the beach to get there. That’s where we saw the man at work. He was almost done by the time we found him. And after dinner, it was finished. And it wowed me! Look through the photographs below to see why.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love watching buskers at work. Look out for some photographs of Spanish buskers in the My Week In Barcelona – Decemeber 2011 series.

There are many other photographs in my stash that I think would be able to fit in the theme but, now that I’ve got an idea for my next post I’m going to get cracking on that.

What do you think?
Have you come across beautiful sand sculptures in your travels as well? Share a photo with us. Are you a sand sculptor? Share with us your inspiration for your work. 

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