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I started travelling when I was just four years old. Of course at four, I can’t remember anything about the country I visited or which country it was. In fact, I never actually appreciated the concept of going to another country to explore or discover new places until I had to pay for my own trips. You see, I am an SIA brat.

What do I mean by SIA brat? My dad worked many years for Singapore Airlines, my country’s national carrier. Now maybe you did know, but for the benefit of those who don’t, SIA staff get a free ticket each year to fly to any country the carrier flies to. And this free air ticket extends to the spouse of the staff as well as their children – provided the children are not working and under 26. Unfortunately, I have to reveal my age here for you to fully comprehend the meaning of this. I am most definitely above 26. In fact, I celebrated my big 3-0 some time ago.

So this yearly free ticket to go anywhere in the world SIA flew to meant that I could travel the world once a year for free. If you think about it, its not entirely free of course! There’s still the accommodation to pay for, the attraction entrance fees, food, and of course you pay for all the shopping you eventually will do when you’re visiting a new country. But we all know that when travelling, the 2 most expensive things you tend to spend a lot of money on is the air fare and the accommodation. So being able to fly for free frees up your budget for perhaps better accommodation, decent food, and a few more attractions.

When I was going on family trips with my parents and my younger brother, because I have been travelling since a really young age, I took the ease at which I was able to travel to new places for granted. So I never realised how much I loved to travel until I didn’t have that many years left to fly once a year, for free. Now, with work taking up most of my time, the opportunity to travel is diminished. I pay more than I ever had to to travel, and considering I’m not in a high paying job, travelling to different countries becomes even harder. But nonetheless, I love to travel and I won’t stop trying to find ways and means to do so. Hence the name of my blog Adventures of The SIA Brat.

But adventures aren’t restricted to just the ones you have on airplanes and in new cities. Movies take you on a visual and emotional adventure, books transport you into a whole new world and perspective, life is a great big adventure, the biggest adventure of them all.

Welcome to Adventures of The SIA Brat, a travel and lifestyle blog.

PS: All images and texts belong to me, The SIA Brat, please do not use them without permission. If you’d like to use an image from my blog, please ask first.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll enjoy my posts.

Monica Goh (The SIA Brat)

20 responses to “About The SIA Brat

    • Wow! I wanted to work for an airline when I was growing up. But my passion led me in a different direction. Thanks snowsomewhere! Hope you enjoy my posts. Thanks for subscribing.

  1. Don’t worry about the numbers of +30 🙂 when I had my first ’30’ number I decided to have more fun in life… cheers from Ireland

  2. 30 years old is no big deal! I will have my second 30 years in by the end of next year. Life is just as fun now as it was back then. It’s all about who you are and what you do – the numbers are not that important!

    • =) Thanks Dennis. Since turning 30 three years ago, life has been grand and getting better by the day. Learning that the numbers game ain’t important more and more each day. Thanks for following.

      • You are welcome. I have a cousin who worked for Southwest Airlines. He had the same free-flight-each-year plan that you had. He could extend his tickets to his parents (my aunt and uncle) who both flow all over the U.S. and Canada including a few trips to Hawaii!

      • I should totally work for an airline. LOL… Pity I enjoy writing too much. I should aim towards earning from my blog then just keep travelling =)

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