7 Year Itch

It’s been 7 years since my last post in January 2016. How time flies! At the time, I was busy preparing for a wedding after just losing my job. But I was lucky. I could easily fall back to my roots – tv production. Thanks to my friends and former colleagues, I was not lacking in freelance jobs (aka a source of income). It was a terrifying time in my life because I like security and dislike uncertainty. But thinking back now, that experience taught me plenty.

I learnt to be resilient and to not despair.

I learnt that there are some people in your life who always have your back. (I am lucky that at the time, most all of the people in my life then, who still are in my life now, are supportive and the type who rally around their injured until they recover.)

I learnt that the shit might hit the fan, but you just need to look forward and fix the things you can.

I learnt that it’s very important to have extra money lying around for a rainy day.

I learnt that my then fiancé was a dependable man.

In 7 years, I got married. I bought a house. I delivered 2 kids (and doubled in size). I held on to my travel related job despite COVID 19. Doesn’t sound like I achieved much when I put it like that right?

But that’s adulting I suppose.

I turn 40 in less than a month. Perhaps as I approach this milestone (if you can call it that), I have a yearning to share (read: talk to myself) through my blog once again. Or maybe it’s the 7-year itch. After being “away” for 7 years, I suddenly have a desire to blog again. I have to admit, this desire stayed just that until a certain someone inspired me to blog again. But that’s another story altogether.

Hello again.

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