Good Bye 2015, Hello 2016: A Year In Review

December 31 and January 1 are 2 days when people think about their plans for the future the most. Now, more than ever before, I need to take stock of all that’s happened and plan for the tough days ahead.

This year has been rough. I believe my blood pressure shot up countless of times. The saying “feel my blood boiling” is something I thought I could feel happening to me. My body temperature shot up and my face would turn red from all the blood rushing to it. My blood didn’t actually boil, but it sure felt like it.

For the first time in my 33 years, I actually “felt my blood boil” so to speak.

But 2015 is over. And what matters is now.

What do I want to do next? Good question. I had 2016 all planned out, but now, it is something I have to think about.

The year has been full of changes. In a span of 12 months, Travelzoo AE said good bye to a Senior Producer, a Sales Manager, a Sales Director, a CEO, and a Co-CEO. All these changes that started from December 2014 really affected me emotionally and cumulated to events of December 30.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

2015 was the year I got engaged and started doing my wedding preparations. I had lots of fun choosing an engagement ring designer, picking from the hordes of photographers out there, and thinking about my future home with my partner. In fact, exactly one year ago today, my partner and I put the down payment for our first home together.

But it’s 2016 today. It’s time to do a quick stock of 2015 then I can dive straight into 2016.

Travel this year has been greatly reduced. I only travelled to one country – Taiwan. But it’s about quality not quantity right?

Going to Taipei with my Pitchin Bitches was as expected, awesome. Last year’s trip proved that our ability to travel well together was no fluke.

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There will be more entries about my Taipei trip with them on my blog so do look out for them. But if you want a summary, click here.

So what does 2016 hold for me with regards to my travel plans?

In a few days, I will travel to Cambodia and check off Angkor Wat from my travel bucket list. Then in March I’ll finally be heading to Phuket to utilise a deal I negotiated and produced. In August, the Pitchin Bitches head Down Under and I can play tour guide in Brisbane and Gold Coast where I studied for 3.5 years. And finally in October and November, I’ll be heading to Chiang Mai for my wedding photo shoot.

My travel plans are practically full for this new year. So now I have to plan the rest.

Change IS the only constant in life. 2015 has taught me that and more. We can only hold on to our socks and live in the now, because no one knows what could happen tomorrow.

Unless you’re psychic.

Happy New Year everyone!

What do you think?
How was your 2015 and what is in store for you in 2016? What would be your year in review look like? What did you learn from 2015? How will 2016 be different for you?

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2 responses to “Good Bye 2015, Hello 2016: A Year In Review

  1. 2015 is the year that lots of people showed how they only want to think about themselves and are not willing to help those who are fleeing from war violence.

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