Taipei Stamps

Last year the Pitchin Bitches documented our trip with wefies taken at each MTR stop we alighted at because the iconic 3D MTR names were too pretty to ignore. This year, in Taipei, we went around collecting stamps. Well, at least I did.

It’s not as visually exciting as our wefies, but it was still kinda neat. I was unprepared as I didn’t know that these stamps existed at all. But now that I know, on my next trip to Taipei, I’ll be sure to collect all the stamps at each MRT station I stop at.

In fact, after the trip, I read up about these stamps and found out that there are stamping stations all across the country! You can specially buy a notebook to collect these stamps in Taipei and the stamps are colour coded. Stations that link to multiple lines will have black ink pads. Brown for the Wenhu line, green for the Songshan-Xindian, orange for the Zhonghe-Xinlu line, red for the Tamsui-Xinyi line, and blue for the Bannan line. Which, by the way, coincides with the colour of the lines on the MRT map.

It’s a good thing that these stamps are relatively easy to find. You just need to get to the correct control station booth and it’ll be somewhere close by.

Here’s how they look like.

Some of the stamps are pretty worn out. So press down hard.

The cool thing about these stamps is that each design features something unique about the area that the stamp can be found at. For example the Chiang  Kai-Shek  Memorial  Hall is featured in the design of the stamp at the Chiang  Kai-Shek  Memorial  Hall  Station. Duh right! And at Tamshui, the lovers’ bridge that the area is famous for is part of the design of its stamp.

If you want to find out more about the design of each stamp, click here to find out.

While I didn’t collect all of the stamps, here are the ones I did.

The one at Dongmen is my favourite. The design is simple and reminds me of all the awesome food we had in Taipei!

Oh! Do look carefully before you put stamp to paper too. As you can see, the stamp made at Chiang  Kai-Shek  Memorial  Hall  Station was upside down.

Anyway, it was still loads of fun even if I was the only one excited about ’em stamps. Well Chewie was too, a little. She helped me collect them all by offering her notebook for all that stamping!

What do you think?
Did you know about these stamps? Would you go around collecting them? Which is your favourite?

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