6 Reasons To Visit Hong Kong

Long before I actually visited Hong Kong, one of my 姐妹’s told me I wouldn’t like it. Turns out my 姐妹 was right. I don’t hate it, but Hong Kong is not a city I’d jump at the chance to travel to again. I went during summer. It was hot, polluted and the humidity was killing me. Coming from a humid country myself, that says a lot.

I thought that was it. The heat was why I didn’t like Hong Kong. But when I went again in December during winter, I liked it a bit more, but not by much.

I had heard that Hong Kong was the land of dim sum. Any dim sum restaurant you walked into would serve awesome dim sum. So I went to Hong Kong, eagerly looking forward to eating orgasmic dim sum. Instead, I found that the dim sum I ate at Crystal Jade in Singapore was more to my liking that the dim sum places I went to.

Needless to say I was sorely disappointed.

But is Hong Kong just about it’s food?

I thought about it and asked myself, ‘why would I go back to Hong Kong?’

Well, here are 6 things I would fly back to Hong Kong for.

Reason #6: Mobile Softee


While I do enjoy fancy flavoured ice cream from boutique ice cream parlous like Udders and Island Creamery ever so often, my go-to ice cream is actually the cheap $1.50 McDonald’s soft serve hot fudge sundae ice cream.

Even though these mobile softee ice cream trucks don’t serve ice cream with hot fudge sundae, I was bubbling with excitement when we encountered this mobile softee truck at Victoria Harbour.

We don’t see ice cream trucks like these in Singapore, so it was an absolute joy to chance upon this in Hong Kong.

Apparently there are only 14 such trucks in Hong Kong! And I discovered that it’s an American brand. But, the first Mister Softee truck in Hong Kong was actually brought over from Britain. And if you’re wondering why it’s called Mobile Softee now, it’s because in 2010, the son of one of the first 3 men who brought the franchise over to Hong Kong changed the brand’s name after his father passed away.

Mobile Softee only serves 4 types of ice cream – Soft Ice Cream (Vanilla flavour only), Nutty Drumstick, Large Cups (蓮花杯), and Jumbo Organge (珍寶橙冰). I only tried the soft ice cream, but even if I went back, I think I’d stick to what I like best, soft ice cream.

Reason #5: Quaint Shops & Cafes

The Pitchin Bitches and I actually made plans to cafe hop while we were in Hong Kong. And if you want to cafe hop in Hong Kong, we were told the place to go to was Tai Ping Shan Street. This street features quaint cafes, galleries, studios, and lifestyle boutiques. So that’s where we went.

We went into a small cafe called Just Coffee. But it was so tiny, there wasn’t any space to accommodate the 4 Pitchin Bitches.

So we walked on.

That’s when we came across this unique tea house on a quiet alley. Why did I find it unique? Well, see for yourself.

Teakha’s front of house is where you order your drinks. There are a few small tables there in front of the cashier and the kitchen. But that’s not all.

Climb up the short flight of stairs and out of the main shop, go around the side to the back of the shop and you’ll see another entrance. There you’ll find more tables where you can chill out at with a cuppa tea.

I’m quite a klutz, but it didn’t occur to me when I went to order our drinks how much of a problem my accident prone nature was going to be. After our orders were made, carrying the drinks back to where we were sitting was a huge challenge for me.

First I had to walk up the steps and out of the main shop. Then I had to go around the corner, go down another flight of steep steps then navigate up a third flight of steep steps to the attic where we were sitting at. That in itself was an adventure.

Besides the unique decor and funky layout of the cafe, the drinks were also quite interesting.

I was thoroughly fascinated by the way they cooked the tea in pots!

I love rose tea, so naturally I tried a rose tea. The tea I had contained Keemun tea, with frothed milk, rose, and honey from Wing Wo Bee Farm. Shuping tried the Masala Chai. Chewy had the Jamu, Bali-inspired, with cinnamon, fresh mint, ginger & lemongrass. And Pamy wanted the Tri-santhemum but they ran out of that so she had a pot of Verbena, with lemon balm and apple flowers instead.

We chilled out at the attic of the shop and rested our sore feet until nightfall.


The Pitchin’ Bitches chillin’.

In actual fact we didn’t stay at Teakha very long. Just a couple of hours actually.

You see, while enroute to Tai Ping Shan Street, we were sidetracked from our cafe hopping mission a number of times.

I’d definitely be interested to go back to Hong Kong to finish what we started and continue our cafe hopping mission.

Reason #4: Steamed Egg White Milk Pudding vs Double Boiled Milk With Egg White

When the Pitchin Bitches and I were in Hong Kong, our first stop was the cha chaan teng at Jordan – Australian Dairy Co.

We had just gotten off the plane and were starving! We flew on a budget airline and didn’t want to waste our stomach space on airline food. We were salivating at the thought of the glorious food in Hong Kong. So we resisted until we got to Australian Dairy Co.

Was the wait worth while? Not for the Marconi soup or the scrambled eggs. The toast was quite decent but nothing to shout about.


The Almond Steamed Egg Custard and Steamed Egg White Milk Custard is really good. I liked the Steamed Egg White Milk Custard more. But the other one was great too.

Right after posting these photos on Instagram and declaring my love for Australian Dairy Co’s custard, our friend Audrey, a frequent visitor to Hong Kong, told us that we had to try the one from Yee Shun Dairy Company.

I didn’t manage to go to Yee Shun Dairy Company with the Pitchin Bitches, but when I returned a second time, Audrey and Pedro took me to an Yee Shun Dairy Company outlet.

I had an entire bowl of Double Boiled Milk With Egg White by myself! *slurp*


It was yummy. But which was better?

I think it’s not fair to compare the two. Especially since I tried the Double Boiled Milk With Egg White at Yee Shun Dairy Company more than 2 months after I tried the Steamed Egg White Milk Custard at Australian Dairy Co.

What is the difference between a Doubled Boiled Milk With Egg White and a Steamed Egg White Milk Custard? I really do not know. I guess I’ll just have to go back to Hong Kong and try them both back to back. *sly grin*

Okay but taste aside, I liked the service staff at Yee Shun Dairy Company more than Australian Dairy Co.

Hey! The experience of the meal is just as important.

Just sayin’.

Reason #3: Mak’s Noodles

I read good reviews about the Mak’s Noodles outlet at Wellington Street so we went hunting for it. And the reviewers were right. It’s the best wanton mee I’ve ever tasted! I could eat Mak’s Noodles every day for the rest of my life!

The noodles were springy and tasty, and the wantons were so fresh and delicious.

My only gripe is that it’s such a small bowl!

Okay, I admit, on that day, we were glad it was a small bowl as we had been eating all day. But looking back, I still wish we had more than just one small bowl.

So of course when I went back to Hong Kong a second time, I couldn’t pass up the chance to have Mak’s Noodles again. I went to a different outlet, but the food was just as good. And this time, I added beef brisket into my bowl of wanton noodles which made the soup taste even sweeter.

I had brought my colleague to Mak’s Noodles on our last day in Hong Kong, and I was chided for not bringing them to this restaurant much earlier. Oh well, another great reason to return to Hong Kong. And next time I’m in Hong Kong I’m getting two large bowls!


Reason #2: Silly Boo

Froyo. A recent craze. And it’s hit Hong Kong too.

Silly Boo was singled out by my colleague who read about it and heard that it served awesome froyo. I was skeptical as I’ve had some very bad tasting yogurt before. I ain’t no fan of sour stuff.

But as I sat, watching her eat her Silly Boo froyo, it was torture to be sitting on the sidelines just watching and not eating. So I got myself a cup too and got hooked!

How hooked?

We were staying just a street away from Tin Hau where Silly Boo is situated, but we only tried Silly Boo’s froyo on the morning of the day we were due to depart.

It was to be our last taste of Hong Kong before we left. We checked out, left our luggage at the hotel lobby and walked to Silly Boo to grab a froyo. After finishing our froyo at the shop we walked back to pick up our bags.

On the way back, I was lamenting the fact that I would never get to eat Silly Boo’s awesome froyo ever again!

I was still thinking about the froyo as we were waiting for our other colleague to check out. And since we had some time, I actually ran back to get another cup of Silly Boo froyo!

Yup, I was hooked alright. Now even when I eat llao llao or Yami Yogurt, I’m still dreaming of the next time I get to have another cup of Silly Boo.

Reason #1: MTR Station Names

I had so much fun taking wefies with my Pitchin Bitches in Hong Kong. If I ever return, I am definitely going to add to my ‘wefie’ collection the remaining 77 MTR stops. That’s my top reason for going back to Hong Kong.

Here are some of my favourite ‘wefies’ and MTR related photos.

Of these 6 reasons, most of them are food related. So I guess for me, being a foodie and all, Hong Kong is still a viable destination.

Next stop with my Pitchin Bitches, Taipei! Food again! *evil laughter*

Other things that almost made the list: Gong Zai Mian, Egg Tarts, and Lamma Island.

What do you think?

Are these 6 reasons why you would go to Hong Kong for as well? What other places or food would bring you back to Hong Kong?

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2 responses to “6 Reasons To Visit Hong Kong

    • Thanks Mani. That was seriously some good froyo! Worth running for seconds for. And I love Rose tea! Even if I go back to Teakha, I’m might be too tempted by the rose tea to try anything else even though I should try other teas. Actually I love rose anything too. I even bought back 2 packets of rose scented tissue paper from Hong Kong! I don’t think I’ve tried rose ice cream before. I’ll definitely look out for that.

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