The Mystery of the Missing Photographs

For someone with the memory of a goldfish, taking photographs to remember my holiday by is very important. That’s why I brought 2 8GB SD cards and even bought a new 32GB SD card just in case I run out of space. I had wanted to capture the beauty of Greece without having to worry about the lack of space you see.

I started using the 8GB card for my travels in Thessaloniki and Santorini first. And surprisingly it lasted me till our last day in Santorini. While at the top of Ancient Thera, I had to quickly change SD cards so I took out the spanking new 32GB card I bought and continued to snap away.

Now you must be wondering what does this have to do with some missing photographs. Well, it’s related because I lost the 32GB SD card with my photographs of Ancient Thera and Athens.

After I came home from Greece, I kept telling myself that I needed to transfer the photographs into my external hard drive. But I kept procrastinating and never got around to it. Now I’ll never have the chance to. You see, I have no clue as to where I last saw the SD card and can’t remember where I might have dropped it. I was devastated! Not just because it was a new SD card, but also because all the photographs I took in Athens are forever lost to me.

So how is it that I still have pictures of Athens? Well, luckily for me, I was hooked on Instagram at the time. With my DSLR, I don’t actually have to take any photographs with my iPhone. However, I found it easier to take a photograph for Instagram using my iPhone. So on top of snapping pictures with my DSLR I would take another one using my iPhone so I could share my travels with my friends instantly.

If not for Instagram, I would have nothing left of Athens to remember by. Whatever photos I do have of Athens were taken with my iPhone for my Instagram feed! Granted not everything was saved. Still, having something is better than nothing at all!

Here are my photographs I posted on Instagram while travelling in Athens…

So the moral of the story is, if your friend takes a longer time snapping multiple shots of the same thing using a DSLR and a camera phone, don’t rush her. It could be all the photographic memories you are left with of that trip, especially if your friend is a scatterbrain like me.

Thanks Instagram!

Have you heard of Skimbaco Lifestyle’s Instagram Travel Thursday series? This post is a part of the Instagram Travel Thursday series hosted by And if you’re not sure what to write check out the posts by Not A Ballerina and House Of Anais. All photos in this post were published on my Instagram account. You can also participate on Instagram using #IGTravelThursday!

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7 responses to “The Mystery of the Missing Photographs

    • I’m crossing my fingers that one day while cleaning my room I’ll find it somewhere. But I definitely was less traumatised because I still had my Instagram photographs to remember Athens by.

    • Me too. Small quaint restaurants are the best! And you should find a chance to go to Greece. It’s a beautiful country and the people there are friendly.

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