Challenge Accepted [Travel Themes: Rivers]

I’ve always been fascinated with Geography. Unfortunately, I have an aptitude for History rather than Geography. Just because I started travelling from a young age and knew the world map pretty well didn’t mean that I could score well on a Geography test paper. I mean we all know Geography as a subject is way more than knowing how it feels like to walk over a frozen lake in Canada and knowing that you need to pray for low wind speeds to get up to Table Mountain or Blue Mountain. But I was young and stupid so I found that out the hard way, by insisting on taking Geography at A levels and subsequently failing my Geography exams.

That said, there were a few topics that I was, and still am, fascinated with – Plate Tectonics and the Geology. I learnt about rocks and the various rock formations formed and was impressed with what nature and time can produce. That’s why when I did my solo trip in the USA, I could not pass up the chance to see the Grand Canyon. And I spared no expense. I took a helicopter tour to see it from above. It was money well spent. I’ll blog about the tour in a separate entry soon so look out for it.

Okay so you must be scratching your head wondering what does the Grand Canyon have anything to do with Where’s My Backpack’s Travel Theme: Rivers? Well everything. Without the Colorado River, there wouldn’t be a Grand Canyon to marvel at. Eons ago, the Colorado River started carving out the rock to form the canyon we now know as The Grand Canyon. The Colorado River, which is a total of 1,450 miles long, starts in the Rocky Mountains and ends in the Gulf of California. In fact, the Grand Canyon is just one of the gigantic canyons that the Colorado River has created. A few other canyon’s that the powerful river is responsible for include Glen Canyon and Cataract Canyon. I’d want to one day go white water rafting on the Colorado River, but for now, I’ll just journey back to 2009 and enjoy the splendour of The Grand Canyon through my photographs.

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