Good Bye 2022, Hello 2023: A Year In Review

2022 has been a year of education. Especially for my eldest. He started preschool in February. It feels like a world away because going to school has changed him so much and in turn made life easier for us as well.

My son Kieran was flagged with having slow speech and social development at the end of 2021. At the time, my mother-in-law and husband felt that our children need not go to pre-school until the age of 5. I was aghast. I felt that it was important for the kids to go to school at a younger age. I would have suggested sending my older son to school at the age of 2 if not for the pandemic and the fact that I didn’t want him to feel like he was forced out of the house because of his younger brother. Plus I wanted both boys to spend more time at home together.

Thank goodness we sent him to school. My First Skool has been a godsend. He learnt to make eye contact, he learnt to be more vocal, and he learnt to be more independent. Of course it’s not just all credited to My First Skool. At home, we worked on those with Kieran based on what the KKH therapists taught us to do as well. So we all played a role in helping him improve. We all had to learn how to help him and learn how to communicate effectively with him.

Tristan, since turning 2, was also learning how to assert his personality and his right to say no to everything he dislikes which has been an eye opener. Let’s see how the rest of his terrible twos goes.

I also turned 40 this year which is not a big deal but I did celebrate it a big bigger. More about it in another post. Plus, you already heard about my yellow birthday.

So what’s next? Good question. Life becomes more routine it feels. But with kids, you never know. I have never been one to follow resolutions so I shan’t make them.

Be healthier. Be happier. Be all you can be.

Happy New Year everyone!

What do you tthink? How was your 2022 and what is in store for you in 2023? What would be your year in review look like? What did you learn from 2022? How will 2023 be different for you?

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