Rome Snapped!

Let there be light! Starring out of The Pantheon's oculus.

Let there be light! Starring out of The Pantheon’s oculus.

The SIA Brat – In Rome

Looking up is something I love to do. And of all the trips I’ve taken in my life, this is one of my favourite views. Why? Because of the magnificent design of The Pantheon’s dome!

I mean look at that! Don’t you think the coffering on the concrete dome of The Pantheon is gorgeous! And amazingly, it was completed and has been standing where it is today since 125AD! There were no cranes and modern machinery available to the builders of that time so how on earth did they achieve that?

A hole in your ceiling might not be the best idea in Singapore considering it rains so often. But with the design of The Pantheon’s dome, the light coming in through the oculus is part of its architectural feature. And besides, the architect obviously had a plan, because The Pantheon was built it such a way that the rainwater will run off the gently sloped floor to the Roman drainpipes underneath that are still functioning today!

My mum and I were on a walking night tour when we visited The Pantheon so we didn’t have much time to enjoy the grandeur of the building but I’d love to return to Rome and visit The Pantheon again. And until then, I’ll just stare at this photograph and aspire to stand under this beautiful dome again.

What do you think?
Have you visited The Pantheon? What about the architecture of The Pantheon fascinates you? Is there another domed structure that you feel I should visit? What other architectural marvels should I include in my bucket list? Let me know in the comments below.

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