The SIA Brat Becomes A Local Tourist: Gardens By The Bay

I’ve visited Japan at least 4 times now and I still want to go back there. I love Japan! But let’s save my adoration for that country for another time. The reason why I mention Japan is because I noticed that Japanese people really support the concept of domestic travel. And I totally get that. Japan is such a large country. Why wouldn’t they want to explore all of it? Every region is unique. In fact, a Japanese can tell which region a fellow citizen is from just from the way they talk!

Americans, Australians, British, Koreans are also supportive of domestic travel, and they aren’t the only ones of course. Perhaps this is because of the size of their country. There’s still so much to see in their homeland, why go elsewhere?

But I think size should not matter. So what if Singapore is just a small red dot on the world map? There are many parts of Singapore I’ve never been to or explored yet.

Even though I’ve travelled to many cities in Europe, North America, Oceania, and even Africa, I must say, shamefully, that I don’t know my country very well. Need me to navigate an unexplored country on my own, no problem. But I still get utterly lost in towns in Singapore like Sengkang, Hougang, and even the famous Orchard Road!

Usually, the only chance we get to become tourists ourselves is when friends from overseas visit us. We take them around and bring them around. That’s what happened when my boyfriend’s sister and her boyfriend came to town and stayed for the weekend. And one of the places we brought them to was Gardens By The Bay.

Since this week’s Travel Theme is Blossom, I thought it’d be perfect to share some of the photographs I’ve taken over the years of this amazing attraction we have in Singapore.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sadly I missed the Tulipmania held at the Gardens By The Bay this year. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch them next year. But still, Gardens By The Bay has some really awesome blooms there. Check them out if you’re ever in Singapore.

I really should support local tourism and since I have a little free time right now, I shall become more of a local tourist and explore Singapore. Look out for more posts about my travels in sunny Singapore.


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