Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)

Photo Source: Wikipedia

Directed by: Bryan Spicer

Cast: Amy Jo Johnson (1), Karan Ashley, Johnny Yong Bosch, Steve Cardenas, David Yost, Jason David Frank, Paul Freeman, Jason Narvy, and Paul Schrier

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My favourite quote – “Remember what we learned? To those who possess the great power, all things are possible.”

Before I start rambling, play this video and listen to this tune.

Go, go, power rangers!

I grew up watching the power rangers and this theme song never fails to transport me back to the days when I would sit right in front of the television and watch intently as the power rangers battled evil and save the world.

I’ve tried watching the original television series years later as an adult, and I have to admit, I cringe at the horrible special effects and the similarities between the monsters they battle every day and the repetitiveness of each episode. But I still enjoy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie lots! Something that surprises me still.

So why, after so many years and long after my childhood days are gone, do I still enjoy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie? Because this film reminds me that anyone can be a hero.

A New Hero, The Gold Ranger

In the film, while the Power Rangers battle the big bad Ivan Ooze, a young boy named Fred Kelman helps prevent the parents of Angel Grove from leaping to their death. Something Ivan Ooze made them do after they helped find and complete his mechanical monsters.

This was a subplot that heartens me because Angel Grove can’t keep depending on just the Power Rangers for help. What if one day the Power Rangers are powerless and cannot help them? Then they must help themselves right? And because Fred Kelman kept his wits about him he managed to save the city and his own dad.

He has the makings of being a hero like the Power Rangers. To which he happily declares that he’d like to be the Gold Ranger.

Powerless Power Rangers

We may not have our powers, but we’re still the power rangers.
– Tommy

In the television series, the Power Rangers have 25 minutes to start with a normal day at Angel Grove, realise that there’s a monster they need to save their city from, morph into the Power Rangers then kick butt, but before the monster can be destroyed it gets a power boost and grows in size. After which they will have to call upon their zords and battle the huge monster. They’ll be unsuccessful as individuals and only destroy the monster when they combine zords and become Megazord. All this while sending a positive message about being a good person, citizen, teenager etc. That’s a lot to do and becomes rather formulaic.

Billy: You know the funny thing about morphin’?
Rocky: What’s that?
Billy: You don’t appreciate it till you can’t do it anymore.

Occasionally they will temporarily be powerless, but never has Zordon been threatened and the Power Rangers risk losing their powers forever.

That is why I enjoyed this film more than the TV series. Because the Rangers, at risk of losing their powers for good, appreciate that their powers should not be taken granted of. And the best message that comes out from that realisation is that while they do not have powers, they are still the Power Rangers.

It isn’t the powers they have that make them special. It is their desire to defend their city and the world and to fight off all the evils in the world that make them powerful.

Inner Strength & Spirit

Dulcea: Buried deep within each of us is an animal spirit waiting to be released. Close your eyes and look deep inside.
(She blows some special dust at the power rangers and they are transformed into ninja suits)
Dulcea: Aisha, you are the bear, fierce and unstoppable. Rocky, powerful, smart, you are the mighty ape. Billy, you are the wolf, cunning and swift. Agile Kimberly, light as a feather, you are the crane. Adam… Adam what’s wrong?
Adam: I’m a frog.
Dulcea: Yes a frog, like the one you kiss to get a handsome prince. And you Tommy are the falcon, winged lord of the skies. To be in harmony with his sacred animal spirit is to have the force of the Ninjetti. To those who are Ninjetti, anything is possible.

When Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie was released I had stopped watching the television series for quite a while. So I didn’t realise that Trini, Zack, and Jason were replaced by Aisha, Adam, and Rocky. As such it was strange to see 3 new faces in the film.

That is why I really enjoy the scene above. I got a little introduction to the 3 new Rangers and got reacquainted with the 3 originals.

The other reason why I like this bit in the film was because of its message. That “anything is possible,” all you have to do is look inside yourself.

Best Villain Award

Ivan Ooze: You’re too kind. Allow me to introduce myself, I am the galactically feared, globally reviled, universally despised. They call me Ivan Ooze.
Rocky: Well pack your bags, cause we’re sending you right back where you came from.
Ivan Ooze: Geez, a teenager with a big mouth. Not much has changed in 6000 years.
Kimberly: You obviously don’t know who you’re dealing with Mr Raisin Head.
Ivan Ooze: Really?
Tommy: Yeah. We’re the Power Rangers.
Ivan Ooze: Woo! Where’s my autograph book? Hah! Power Rangers huh? So Zordon still uses a bunch of kids to do his dirty work. Well meet my kids. (evil laughter)

Every hero needs a nemesis. The better the villain, the better the hero. And I must admit that Ivan Ooze is a pretty good villain. Well, compared to the past villains I’ve seen on Season 1 and part of Season 2’s television series, he’s the best one.

He’s quite funny. He’s quite well designed besides the funky CGI. But hey, it was 1995, it was really quite good at the time already.

In general, this film is quite a success in my opinion. And I’m so looking forward to the reboot of the Power Rangers which is set to release in theaters in July 2016! It’s a long way off but I’m definitely going to the cinema to catch it when it comes out. What about you?

(1) Amy Jo Johnson has acted in the sequel Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997). She played the role of Pink Power Ranger Kimberly Hart in the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-1995), Julie Emrick in the series Felicity (1998-2002), and Jules Callaghan in the series Flashpoint (2008-2012). She also guest starred in television series like ER and Spin City.

Final Thoughts:

What a blast from the past! This movie totally brings back memories of my childhood. But ultimately I love it because it’s actually improved upon the television series. I like the message that anyone can be a hero and achieve anything they set out to do. And don’t forget that although you may not have powers like the Power Rangers, you can still be a Power Ranger and save the world. Zords and suit not included. (3.2 of 5)

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